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More Human Through Technology

Artificial Intelligence is bringing in a new golden age of business.  Organizations that embrace and harness the power of AI will win by better serving and retaining their customers and employees.

And while the discussion often focuses on the technology side of AI, the opportunity lies in using it to create a better experience for people — to minimize friction, maximize efficiency and enhance the human element.

In my presentation titled “More Human Through Technology”, I shared how businesses are using AI to create powerful customer experiences that drive deeper engagement and business value.

People’s lives have increasingly become more complex and companies need to deliver a more meaningful value to their customers and employees.  The promise of artificial intelligence and better design will reduce the noise, make life more manageable and improve the human condition.

Delivering intelligent experience enables interactions that are more human, intuitive, contextual, personalized, channel agnostic, and emotionally relevant.

The new reality of Customer Experience requires thinking more broadly in consideration of how people interact with a product or service across touch points that blend the virtual and physical worlds.

User experience design is moving away from something that lives inside of screens and devices to everyday objects around us and within the places we move through.

Tools like cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing and advanced analytics can be trained to understand individual customer behaviors and anticipate needs. The interactions between people and technology is shifting as well to more natural interactions beyond the screen — from conversational / chat bots, video sensors, haptic responses and virtual / mixed / augmented reality.

The counter-intuitive reality is that for businesses to better connect with their customers and employees they must deploy the power of intelligent machines. We are now designing to help machines meet people where they are. In other words, intelligent experience is about letting people be people again.