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We Outsource our Memory to Google

For a while, I’ve realized that learning is changing and our memory is being augmented by the ability to just “Google” something. (sorry Bing)

As a curious person, I’m constantly thinking of stuff but don’t always have the information needed to complete the thought. (like “How do you get to Madagascar? What’s the best way to roast vegetables? Who makes the best BBQ in Memphis?”)

So I pull out my smart phone or open up a browser on my computer and type in my question.  I don’t even have to spell it correctly. The Google knows what I’m trying to say.

We are living in an amazing time of human history and now that our information is networked, our collective intelligence will continue to accelerate. The internet is amazing and Google seems to hold the key —with its elaborate system that predicts and guides our decisions.  

I can’t believe how slow progress was when we had to go to the library, look through the card catalog to find a dusty book that would explain a fraction of the information you needed. Dewey’s decimal was a good system for its time.

“We’re moving our individual brains into the cloud “

Inspired by Big Think: Your Brain is Being Augmented, You Just Don’t Realize It

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