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Part 3: How to Succeed on Twitter by Keeping It Real

Zappos and JetBlue did it – Now you can too! In fact, anyone can use Twitter to increase their brand loyalty by:

  • Being real
  • Being accessible
  • Offering value

Twitter represents the new age of social media marketing. Customers want to learn about you on a personal level. They want to interact, collaborate, and get involved. They do not want to hear one-sided sales pitches. To keep the human factor high, let’s look at some examples of good tweets and bad tweets.

Good Tweets

These are messages that add value to your followers’ lives. Whether they offer advice, helpful links, or just a good laugh, these tweets give your customers good value for their time. Good tweets include things like:

– Links to interesting blog posts
– Offer discounts and special giveaways
– Replies to other tweets
– Links to funny videos

Bad Tweets

Bad tweets include anything that will make people’s eyes glaze over, such as:

– Boring corporate information
– Links to sales pages
– Too many links to your blog or corporate site

Remember: folks want to see your company’s human side. Spamming your followers with too many announcements or blog posts will make you a bad tweeter.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

If people follow you on Twitter, you need to give them value. Don’t spam them, don’t pitch at them, and don’t bore them with bland corporate terminology. Instead, find it in yourself to get real. Talk to people. Answer their questions. Be candid and personable. Make them privy to unique information. If they follow you, follow them back. Essentially, let them know that they matter to you. If you don’t, you’ll be branded a phony and possibly tarred and feathered by the Twitter community. Keep it real!

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