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Part 1: Why Your Business Needs Twitter – Now

Let’s face it: times are hard for lots of companies. Times are hard for the average person, too, which means they’re getting picky about who they choose to do business with. If you want their brand loyalty, you’ve got to earn it. The fastest way to do that is to genuinely connect with people through social media sites like Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a funny name for a serious marketing tool. It’s also known as “micro-blogging”. Like a blog, Twitter is a great way to share information, receive feedback, and make yourself more accessible to customers. Unlike a blog, Twitter can be updated in mere seconds, dozens of times a day, from virtually anywhere. Twitter updates are written in bite-sized chunks (140 characters or less), giving your followers a real-time understanding of what’s going on in your world.

What does that have to do with my business?

The short answer? Everything. By creating a Twitter presence for your company, you can:

•    Build real trust with your customers
•    Promote dialogue and show your human side
•    Encourage feedback and new ideas
•    Earn an excellent brand reputation
•    Keep people coming back for more

Millions of people use Twitter, and it’s absolutely free. You can use it to send out alerts, announce press releases and blog posts, and put a human face on your business. The latter is where Twitter really shines. When your customers can interact with you, ask questions that actually get answered, and feel like their opinions matter, they’ll come back for more – and they’ll bring friends.

How easy is it to start Tweeting (Twitter code for micro-blogging)? Let’s put it this way: if Shaquille O’Neal can do it, so can you. Stay tuned for part two in our Twitter series, “Get Your Business on Twitter in 3 Easy Steps”.

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