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Content Marketing Across Cultures

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Successful social media interaction requires generating a greater volume of valuable content, so many brand marketers are having to rethink their content strategy. It is vital to understand how your communications will be received by customers in regions that have different beliefs and values.

Now is the time to invest in cross-cultural social media communications

There is a sea change coming to consumer marketing over the next few years and we need to have a smarter, more effective way to create global content.  It matters what you say and in what context you say it.
Think globally – but act locally. 

Tomorrow’s best customers live in places that you may not even know about.  The values of people in North America don’t necessarily translate in South American, European, Indian, African, or Asian markets.  Here are some questions to get the conversations started in your organization…

  • How do you envision people from other cultures interacting with your brand? (within your country and abroad)
  • What tools or research will you use to understand the consumer behavior in other areas?
  • What measurements are you using to reach your goals and analyze the success of your communications?

Questions to ask about how your brand message be received internationally:

  • What is your greater purpose for being in business?
  • What is your reason for “Why”?
  • Does your message help you stand out from your competition?
  • Are you relating to the beliefs and values of your audience?  How does this scale internationally?

Getting the content and the context right

Some questions to ask about the timing of your message…

  • What response to you hope to achieve from your audience?
  • Are you responding in a timely manner with thoughtful comments?
  • Have there been any negative items or research to prove your brand message false?
  • Are there any recent newsworthy events that could change public perception?
  • Who are you talking to and what do you understand about their viewpoint?
  • Is it interesting enough for them to respond, share your message, or go buy your product?

What they say and how they say it spreads like wildfire and what you put out in social web will make or break your brand in real-time.

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