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All Googley-Eyed

Photo Note: No Supermodel photoshop effects have been used

The Google Glass tour came through Atlanta recently to introduce their freaky awesome device to early adopters across America.

‘New ideas are not only the enemies of old ones; they also appear often in an extremely unacceptable form.’ – Carl Gustav Jung

Without a doubt, the future of wearable computing is going to change society and culture and we’re already seeing public backlash against people wearing the Glasses.

The human mind can only take in so much information at a time.  While I was walking around and looking at the information screen in the upper corner of my sight, I realized how unaware of what else was going on around me.   It will be interesting to see how the Google team addresses this issue.

This reminded me of the “Clown on a Unicycle Experiment” that showed how people using smart phones pay less attention to their surroundings. 

3 Responses to “All Googley-Eyed”

  1. Daniel Heramb

    How did you like Glass? I’ve been a Glass Explorer since last July, and think it’s got definite potential in the long-term future. However, it’ll still take some other wearables, and a few years, before they become socially acceptable.

  2. Sean Wood

    Hey Daniel! Glass has tons of potential but getting over the “creepy factor” is a big deal. I wish they had handled it differently. The initial design is really intimidating and the usability concerns me. Eventually though, I can see how something like connected watches will help (slowly) shift public opinion.


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